Sunday, November 6, 2016

Cleric Spell "Resist Cold"

Continuing the series of Cleric Spells (levels 1-3) that have effects that deal with the "Create Advantage" action.

Resist Cold (Alteration)


Difficulty: 1
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 scene + 1 extra contiguous scene for each + 1 of Spell Power
Components: V, S, M (Rare: (?) Pinch of sulfur)
Area of Effect: Creature touched
Casting Time: 1 action
Opposed By: n/a


When this spell is placed on a creature by a cleric, the creature's body is inured to cold. The recipient can stand zero degrees Fahrenheit without discomfort, even totally nude.

The material component is a pinch of sulfur.


Cleric creates the aspect Protected from Cold on the target, giving the target a single free invocation. If the spell's Power is +4 or better, the target gets 2 invocations instead of 1.

Example: Cleric with a Will of +1 casts Remove Cold (Difficulty: 1) rolls 2dF+2 and gets a +1. Assuming no other modifiers, this means the spell has a Power of...

(Skill "Will", +1) + (Dice 2dF+2, +1) - (Difficulty, 1) = +1 Spell Power

...which means the target gets the aspect Protected from Cold, with 1 free invocation. The aspect lasts the rest of the scene and the next scene as long as there is no narrative "break" or interruption between scenes. In other words, unless the following scene begins immediately, one right after the other, the effect has expired.

Normal Operation

The aspect means that the target is impervious to "normal" cold down to 0 degrees Farenheit.

Attacks from Cold

The aspect can be tagged for +2 on the target's defense rolls versus cold-based attacks.

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