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Cleric Spell "Remove Fear"

Continuing the series of Cleric Spells (levels 1-3) that have effects that deal with the "Create Advantage" action.

Remove Fear (Abjuration) Reversible


Difficulty: 1
Range: Touch
Duration: Remainder of Scene
Components: V, S
Area of Effect: Creature Touched
Casting Time: 3 Combat Exchanges
Opposed By: n/a


By touch, the cleric instills courage in the spell recipient, either to remove that target's fear or to help them resist fear for the duration of the spell.


The variability in the spell is the amount of benefit the target receives, based upon the Power. There are two mechanical effects on the Target.

Increased Resistance (Armor) for Fear Attacks

The target will be considered to have "armor" against Mental attacks that use fear. The Power of the spell determines the amount of armor.

Determine the Power of the spell, and divide by Power by two (rounding up), which would result in the following benefit:

Spell PowerArmor against Fear Attacks
1+1df, counting only the "+"
2+1df, counting only the "+"
3+2df, counting only the "+"
4+2df, counting only the "+"
5+3df, counting only the "+"
6+3df, counting only the "+"
7+4df, counting only the "+"
8+4df, counting only the "+"

This benefit lasts the duration of the spell.

"Heal" an Fear-based Consequence

If the target is suffering from a fear-based Consequence, the successful use of this spell will let the target attempt to Overcome/Recover from a Fear-based Consequence, using the "armor" provided by the spell.

The difficulty the target must overcome is based on the severity of the existing Consequence:

  • +2 difficulty for a Mild Consequence
  • +4 difficulty for a Moderate Consequence
  • +6 difficulty for a Severe Consequence

Note that if the Consequence is such where the target cannot be easily touched (eg., Fleeing in Panic where the target has already "fled") the GM may require the cleric to perform some additional physical test in order to touch the target.

This specific "healing" benefit only occurs at the time of casting--not for the duration of the spell.

Example: Cleric with a Will of +3 casts Remove Fear (Difficulty: 1) rolls 2dF+2 and gets a +3. Assuming no other modifiers, this means the spell has a Power of...

(Skill "Will", +3) + (Dice 2dF+2, +3) - (Difficulty, 1) = +5 Spell Power

...which means the target of the spell will be protected from Evil creatures for the duration of that scene. If the target is attacked in any fashion (Physical, Mental, Magical) by an Evil creature, an additional +3dF "armor" will be used for defense by the target (just like physical armor).

Additionally, if the target already had a Fear-based Consequence the target may roll 4dF against their Will skill (using the +3dF, counting only "+" results) to instantly remove that Consequence at the difficulty determined above.

Reversible (Cause Fear)

The caster may reverse the spell, and at a touch make an attack against the Target's Mental Stress. The power of the spell is compared against the target's defense, and if the attack succeeds, (i.e., causes any Stress) any extra shifts are discarded and the target is immediately struck with a Mild consequence to be determined by the caster (with GM approval), but is to be a variation on Fleeing in Panic.

(cross reference FC p.164 "Recovering from a Consequence")

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