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Cleric Spell "Detect Evil"

Continuing the series of Cleric Spells (levels 1-3) that have effects that deal with the "Create Advantage" action.

Detect Evil (Divination)


Difficulty: 1
Range: 4 zones away (120')
Duration: The rest of the scene + 1 extra contiguous scene for each + 1 of Spell Power
Components: V, S, M (Common: Cleric's Symbol held in front of cleric for the duration of the spell)
Area of Effect: A straight line in front of cleric, out to Range.
Casting Time: 1 minute or 10 exchanges
Opposed By: n/a


This spell discovers emanations of evil, (or emanations of good in the case of the reverse spell), from any creature or object. For example, evil alignment or an evilly-cursed object will radiate evil, but a hidden trap or an unintelligent viper will not. The spell has a path of detection 10' wide in the direction in which the cleric is facing. It requires the use of the cleric's holy (or unholy) symbol as its material component, with the cleric holding it before him or her, for the duration of the spell.


Any aspects which are present within the range of the spell (environment, items or characters) that are "evil" in nature, are now known to the cleric. The exact nature, and location of the aspect are NOT known--only that an evil aspect is present in front of the cleric's current facing, out to the area of effect.

The variable in the spell is the duration of the spell's effect.

Example: Cleric with a Will of +3 Casts Detect Evil (Difficulty: 1) rolls 2dF+2 and gets a +0. Assuming no other modifiers, this means the spell has a Power of...

(Skill "Will", +3) + (Dice 2dF+2, +0) - (Difficulty, 1) = +2 Spell Power

...which means the cleric is able to detect Evil aspects within 4 zones in front of her for the duration of that scene, and the next 2 scenes as long as there is no narrative "break" or interruption between scenes. In other words, unless the following scenes begin immediately, one right after the other, the effect has expired.

"Declaring a Story Detail"

If the player expends a Fate point during the casting, the player can declare a story detail about the cleric character detecting evil (or good). Then the nature of the aspect would be up to the GM and player to justify any details about that aspect. (Fate Core, p. 13).

Reversible "Detect Good"

The cleric may also elect to use the spell to detect a "good" aligned aspect in a similar fashion. The only difference here is that it requires an Unholy (Profane) Symbol to be used.

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