Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cleric Spell "Bless"

This is the first in a series of the Cleric Spells (levels 1-3) that have effects that deal with the "Create Advantage" action.

Bless (Conjuration / Summoning) Reversible


Difficulty: 1
Range: Up to 2 zones away from the caster's zone (60')
Duration: 6 minutes or the full conflict
Components: V, S, M (Rare: Sprinkling of Holy Water)
Area of Effect: 50’ x 50’ or an area of two adjacent zones
Casting Time: 3 exchanges
Opposed By: n/a


A successful casting will Create an Advantage of Blessed on all characters within the Area of Effect at the time the Casting is completed. This advantage lasts 6 minutes of game time or the full conflict.

The advantage is only available to those within the Area of Effect who are not already in combat (i.e., is not attacking or defending). The effect is sticky--so if that Blessed character then enters combat, the advantage is still available.


A successful casting will also generate free invocations:

  • Successful casting (Cleric generates a Spell Power of +1 through +3) = 1 free invocation
  • Succeed with style (Cleric generates a Spell Power of +4 or better) = 2 free invocations

Example: Cleric with a Will of +2 Casts Bless (Difficulty: 1) rolls 2dF+2 and gets a +0. Assuming no other modifiers, this means the spell has a Power of...

(Skill "Will", +2) + (Dice 2df+2, +0) - (Difficulty, 1) = +1 Spell Power

...which means everyone within the Area of Effect gets the aspect Blessed, and the party can leverage (between them) a single free invocation.

All other invocations require the invoker (user) to expend a Fate Point.

The aspect can be invoked for mental or physical uses.


The reverse of the spell Creates an Advantage of Cursed within the Area of Effect. The reverse requires a different material component: sprinkling “specially polluted” or profaned, water instead of Holy Water.


A curse can either be Invoked or Compelled (Fate Core, p.71). If a player character cast the Curse, he may use an invocation as a Compel on a target that was impacted by the curse. The target may accept the compel (for a Fate Point) or pay their own Fate Point to avoid it.

Once the casting's free invocations are used, the cleric could continue to invoke compels at the cost of the cleric’s own Fate Points.

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