Friday, December 2, 2016

Cleric Spell "Find Traps"

Continuing the series of Cleric Spells (levels 1-3) that have effects that deal with the "Create Advantage" action.

Find Traps (Divination)


Difficulty: 2
Range: 30' or Up to 1 zone away
Duration: The rest of the scene and the next scene (if there is no break between scenes)
Components: V, S
Area of Effect: The cleric
Casting Time: 1 action
Opposed By: n/a


For the duration of the spell, the cleric receives divine awareness of any traps (i.e., they don't glow or anything, the cleric just "knows" they are there) within a 1 zone radius of the cleric for the spell's duration.


There are no specific mechanics here--no casting die roll is required. The cleric becomes aware of any Traps and their aspects, within the spell's range. The trap is just as deadly as it would be otherwise, but the cleric is now aware of the trap and its nature.

"Declaring a Story Detail"

If the player expends a Fate point during the casting, the player can declare a story detail about the cleric character detecting a Trap's aspect. The nature of the aspect would be up to the GM and player to justify any details about that aspect. (Fate Core, p. 13).

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